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I have set this site up in an attempt to create trades with other collectors – ultimately to obtain cards I need or want, while helping other collectors to do the same.  I also buy and sell cards in order to acquire additional wants/needs. I have had some pretty good luck trading online at SportsCardForum, at The Bench and also at Cardboard Authority. My member ID at these trading sites is Razored21.

I have also had some luck selling cards at SportLots, and also on eBay, but I only sell extras in order to get cards I need/want.  I’m not trying to make a profit – just trying to save where I can.

I live in the Dallas Metroplex area and frequent many of the shops and check out the local card shows this area offers. I also make some trips to the Houston area as well, and visit shops and shows there as well.

I started collecting in 1978. I was pretty serious about my collection by 1981. The first card shop I recall was Cleve’s in Springdale, Arkansas on Emma St. I spent a lot of free time and most of my money at Sports Cards in Fayetteville, Arkansas in the 1983-86 time frame. I ended up working there part-time as a fill-in. It was there I met a man that wanted to open a shop in Springdale. I was 16 years old and opened a shop with a friend (Dave Martin) called Springdale Card & Comic. This was a really nice shop, and it was a good gig until it was time for me to move off for college.

Shows were always so exciting to me — I set up and frequented shows in 1986-88 time-frame in Joplin, Fayetteville, and Springdale.

I found a card shop in San Angelo, TX to help out in part time in 1992-93 time frame. It wasn’t much, and we didn’t really have good stock – but it kept me in the hobby a while longer. When living overseas, I managed to find a fish market in Hachinohe, Japan that would allow people to set up tables and sell their goods. Most people would sell used baby clothing, or junk. I tried sports cards. And it was hugely successful. Well, mostly Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman and Hideo Nomo were what comprised my sales. But yet again, I found myself highly involved with cards again. This lasted until my family and I returned to the U.S. I had a pretty good lull until about 2002-06 time frame. Mostly purchasing the occasional retail box. Although there was a good shop in Omaha,NE and one in Bellevue,NE that I would visit on occasion. I tried to start a small shop in a small town in Iowa that was open only on Saturday mornings. I traded and sold very little…mostly trying to break even to hook my son and his buddies up with cool cards of their own. I did this for about 6 months before kid activities took over. I did not have time for cards. After relocating to the Dallas area — I started going through the cards I had accumulated through the years. It was a good amount. I wanted more. And it has all led me to where I am now — always looking for cards — I have set up at local shows in the Dallas area, and done quite well. I usually have cards listed on eBay and sometimes on SportLots as well. Slow time for me is March to October…that is fishin’ season. But when the weather cools off, I certainly fill most of my spare time logging, inventorying, searching, sorting, buying, selling, trading.

I have thousands and thousands of baseball, football, basketball, etc. available for trade.  If you are looking for anything not yet on my lists, please do not hesitate to ask.  I will be adding to these lists when able — but it is a bit daunting at times.